Splitting Scotland

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An excerpt from David Cameron is to meet Alex Salmond to discuss plans for a referendum on Scottish independence, Downing Street has announced.Arrangements for the meeting between the prime minister and the first minister for Scotland, who are expected to discuss the UK government’s consultation on the legality of an independence referendum, are to be…

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No Vacancies

collage illustration of a man sitting of a jail and sewing a box representing the home office

The home secretary, John Reid, today admitted that the beleaguered immigration directorate was “not fit for purpose” – and warned that people are likely to be sacked over the foreign prisoners’ fiasco.
Making his first appearance in front of the home affairs select committee since he took over the reins from Charles Clarke in this month’s reshuffle, Dr Reid admitted his department was failing to deliver as he refused to rule out the dismissal of immigration officials in light of a “tidal wave” of scandals.

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Militant secularisation

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Lady Warsi is to warn of what she calls the “militant secularisation” of society and propose Christianity is given a central role in public life when she leads a high-level government delegation on an official visit to the pope.

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Mikhail Kalashnikov

editorial illustration, politics, Russia

Today, there are reported to be more than 100m Kalashnikov rifles in use worldwide. The weapon, which is favoured by both armies and militants, is said to be responsible for 250,000 deaths annually.

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Element of Destruction

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THE most dangerous message North Korea sent Tuesday with its third nuclear weapon test is: nukes are for sale.
The significance of this test is not the defiance by the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, of demands from the international community. In the circles of power in Pyongyang, red lines drawn by others make the provocation of violating them only more attractive.

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Happiness – No longer the dismal science?

a man riding a wheel

One of the more surprising growth industries to have taken off during the current period of economic downturn and austerity has been “the happiness industry”—the increasing activity of economists (not philosophers) who study what constitutes happiness and make recommendations to governments about how best to increase it.

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