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collage illustration of Boris Johnson riding a tank

Boris Tank

zuck, paolo fiorentini illustration


paolo fiorentini illustration


zuck, paolo fiorentini illustration

Little Girl

zuck, paolo fiorentini illustration


Poplar Union cover image season 4 2017 feature

Poplar Union S2 2018

paolo fiorentini illustration, theatre, little angel theatre, puppets, puppetry

Jungle Puppets!

splitting scotland, paolo fiorentini illustration, editorial, collage

Splitting Scotland

scratch night, poplar union, paolo fiorentini illustration,

Scratch, Crackle & POP!

Knit & Chat, paolo fiorentini, illustration, poplar union, paforino

Knit & Chat

mindful music, paolo fiorentini, illustration, editorial

Mindful Music

bingo, poplar harca, editorial, bingo, illustration, paolo fiorentini


Creative writing, words in motion , poplar union, paolo fiorentini, illustration

Peeling Back Places

POP-Tales, poplar union, paolo fiorentini, illustration, art


The cabinet, Paolo Fiorentini, illustration

The Cabinet

collage illustration of a man sitting of a jail and sewing a box representing the home office

No Vacancies

illustration cover page with different characters, dancers, canoe, cyclist and musician

Poplar Union S4 2017

paolo fiorentini, poplar union cover illustration

Poplar Union Cover image Season 1 2018

paolo fiorentini, editorial-illustration, the-dance

The Dance

paolo fiorentini, illustration, politics, farsi, religion

Militant secularisation

editorial illustration, politics, Russia

Mikhail Kalashnikov

illustration, editorial-illustration, north-korea, politics,

Element of Destruction

collage illustration of former president Bush riding Tony Blair

A Special Relationship

a man riding a wheel

Happiness – No longer the dismal science?